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BincoAfrica Vocational Rentals

What is the meaning of the name BincoAfrica ?

BincoAfrica an abbreviation structured to means “Brinkeen Interconnection Company of Africa”

BincoAfrica Vocational  Rentals

A property that is rented anywhere between one evening up to one month is often considered a short term rentals. While that rented for one month or longer is usually considered long term vocational rentals.
A vocational rental property posted on BincoAfrica offers owner with the ability to change pricing, receive public guests, review and list the property for free.
One of the benefits of the short term rentals is the ability to get new people all the time.

Benefits of short term rentals.

Personal vocational use –Many investors like to make personal use of the vocational rentals property and rent it out to others when t is not in use. When a property is listed on the short term rental market, its much easier for the owner to block off the dates during which they would se it.
Less wear and tear- Short term rent tend to be occupied around weekends and busy tourisms
More Overall rentals seasons.- owner are typically able to change a higher rate for short terms rentals compared to long term vocational rentals.

BincoAfrica takes 6% of the guest servicing fees on top of your payment. Additionally, the site takes a % 8%-15% commission as well all the commissions are on negotiable terms of reduction or re adjustments.

How does BincoAfrica work?

BincoAfrica is an online platform that connects hosts renting space in their homes with guests seeking lodging. BincoAfrica takes 6% commission from booking as well 8%-15% servicing fee from guests.

How Does BincoAfrica work for Guests?

As a guest, you can go on the BincoAfrica website and search through dozens of filter like area (city, country) , Space (if you need  a room or a house) and number of guest to accommodate.
Once you’ve been approved for the listing, you will provide payments details and can coordinate with the host about specifics like getting keys or pass  code to your accommodation.

How Does BincoAfrica work for Host ?

If you have a room to rent or a house, you will have to register your listing on BincoAfrica and outline the specifications like areas, size, number of rooms and other details on your listing. You will create a profile add a picture phone number and property ID.
You will have to describe what kind of lodging you are listing weather its an apartment, house, room or other. Specify location, how many guest your listing can accommodate and availability, you will be able to set you own listing price per night or month.
The guest approval is always up to the host and once you get request book your listings. You will be able to deal directly with the guest. When you have approved a guest BincoAfrica handle the payments but hold onto the host payments until 24 hours after check in.
Payment is acceptable  via Paypal, Airtel Money, AbSa Bank, Mpesa.

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“I’m always looking forward to hosting great people. Email me to see if we can work out a deal for your budget.”

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“I’m always looking forward to hosting great people. Email me to see if we can work out a deal for your budget.”